Rotary die-cutting


hang-tabsRotary die-cutting is used from fashion soft to
semi-rigid materials, typically in roll form.

We can custom shape gaskets with twice the speed with rotary die-cutting, while still meeting the requirements for any customer. 


Rotary die-cutting is the best solution for high volume projects, as well as the unique cylindrical cutting tools used in the process.


Since rotary die-cutting differs from other types of custom die-cutting divisions and with fully computerized rotary machines and cuts between
anvil and the die, materials are fed at high speeds which allows for faster production and lower costs.


Advantages of Rotary die-cutting:


  • Best option for "Kiss-Cutting" projects
  • Runs at high speeds with higher productivity gain
  • Cost-efficient with volume discount pricing
  • Precision cutting at low tolerances
  • Can combine with other processes such as coating and laminating




Rotary die cutting differs from other types of fabricating because it is almost always best suited for higher volume projects.


Since the depth of cut can be controlled precisely between the cylindrical die and anvil, this process is ideal for "kiss" cutting parts on rolls.


Handling of kiss cut parts on a rolls can be easier and more efficient for assemblers.



rotary-operating-1Rotary Die Cutting Used for:


  • Medium to high volume production
  • Capable of cutting intricate parts with multiple layers
  • Capable of registering multiple die cuts
  • Good tolerance capabilities










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