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Custom Die-Cutting


manufacturing-1AGT Inc., specializes in providing every customer with custom gasket cutting services in a wide selection of industries. We specialize and offer fabrication in large varieties of rubbers, foam, tapes, film and almost any non-metallic material.


A gasket is a mechanical seal that is used to fill in a gap or space between two objects. Gaskets are manufactured in a variety of custom shapes and sizes, and can be fabricated from almost any customer specified material.


Die-cutting is the precise process of fabrication or conversion of customer selected materials that is custom manufactured into any desired shape and size. Our engineers are ready to help your team complete your project on any time frame.


AGT Inc.'s Die-Cutting services:


  • Short and Long run production
  • Fast Prototype delivery
  • Precision low tolerance cut gtasket
  • Material selection and acquisition 




manufacturing-2You can count on AGT, to provide you only with the latest in technologies and manufacturing processes.


We offer state-of-the-art cutting solutions to meet your requirements - no matter what the request is.



AGT's precision die cutting capabilities cover the full range of modern rotary die cutting, steel rule die cutting, and digital die cutting. 


Our experienced operators deliver the best die cutting configurations for your product, application, material and assembly requirements.



  • Rotary die-cutting
  • Steel rule die-cutting
  • Matched-metal die-cutting
  • Rotary matched-metal die-cutting
  • Medical die-cutting
  • Custom die-cutting
  • Digital die-cutting



AGT's extensive range of precision die cutting capabilities are combined with deep materials expertise, expert engineering and a customer service culture that is deeply committed to promptly satisfying every customer need. Our combined capabilities enable AGT to deliver products and precision components for a wide range of applications in nearly any demanding industry.


AGT's manufacturing and engineering teams are comprised of highly trained and experienced precision die cutting professionals. For over 25 years, we have been tackling the most challenging applications. AGT focuses on demanding applications and industries, including medical, automotive, and military products. 



AGT recognizes that our clients demand Quality. To ensure that every customer program is a success, AGT has developed extensive quality processes and quality procedures that govern how our business operates.



We are currently pursuing ISO 9001:2008 certification, and we actively cultivate a culture of meticulous attention to detail to ensure conformance with our quality processes and procedures. 




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